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Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Lunchie at Madam Kwan's

this would be my first food review post for my FOOD BLOG... actually, been contemplating whether to create a new blog for food review or just carry on with this existing blog, well... i've made up my mind... to carry on with this blog.... ironic to make food review from an established food premises, but not everyone tried all of their foods right???? OMG.. i dun even know what am i saying.... never mind... back to the topic... realized i've strayed away too far from what i suppose to say...

Madam Kwan's Fried Beef Noodle...

itz taste as good as it looks.... but before that, i would like to apologize for the poor photo quality, coz i forgot to bring out my cam, have to opt for my phone to capture images.... i've got a few close-up shots coming up.... first thing first, the BEEF... is succulent and juicy... aint overcooked and is just right.... perhaps nobody like WELL-DONE beef... itz rock hard !!!! if undercooked, as if we are chewing gum.... eeewwww~~ nasty... once the food is served, aroma of spring onion and ginger is well balanced and wont be overpowering. which is good, another credit should be given because the shallots aren't too much and not pungent at all... they let you savour the dishes in a well manner...

second, the noodles, or known as kuey tiao... slightly fried, not too black, and yet not tasteless... its seasoned well and not overcook until its mushy and lumpy... a generous amount of noodles plus a generous amount of beef... unlike other premises, they are quite stingy about the beef... this dish is above average, from all the fried beef noodles, this is quite good.

egg sauce is also quite important in cantonese style frying... well... all i can say is thank goodness thay didn put too much starch in it or else i would be eating gooey sticky egg starch more than a sauce... 1 weakness is that everybody tends to stir up and mix the noodles with the sauce well and this would actually thins the sauce, making it watery... this would only happen if you are using corn starch... but if you use flour instead, you wont have this problem.... have a try next time !!!

the ambience in Madam Kwan's is cosy and warm... i went to the outlet on Pavillion today.. there was this granny sitting at the front door, a concierge for me.. i wonder is she The Madam Kwan???? LOL.... atmosphere is very welcoming and they provide very good service.. *bills inclusive of service tax* TT.TT
the huge portion of fried beef noodles is priced at 18.80, *should have been cheaper larrr madam~~*

thats all for this food review... this is my first time reviewing food.. do drop any comments so that i can improve... thanks alot... much appreciated.... if you are reading this... plz jot down on the chatterbox... would be happy to read it and replying you guys....



  1. Next time add my food also~ ^___^

  2. I've never tried any of the noodles from Madam Kwan's before, because I always go for the Nasi Bojari. XD Otherwise, try out their fried chicken; it's super tasty - succulent and crispy!



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